Press Releases

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quirk-Silva, Chair of Jobs Committee, Works to Appropriate Funds for Small Business Technical Assistance

(SACRAMENTO) – As Chair of the California State Assembly Jobs Committee, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Orange County), joined by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D – Corona) and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), testified at the California State Budget Subcommittee on State Government.  At today’s hearing, Quirk-Silva and Cervantes discussed the inclusion of a budget request of $20 million for small business technical assistance.

“Let us be absolutely sure we are providing a good deal for the real job creators in California – our small businesses,” said Quirk-Silva. “This $20 million will be provided through grants to Small Business Development Centers, and other federally-designated small business assistance centers. As the 6th largest economy in the world, California must remain competitive as a national and global leader by supporting small businesses, job growth, and the infrastructure on which it relies.”

With this funding request, and Assembly Bill 2463 (AB 2463), Assemblymembers Quirk-Silva and Cervantes seek to help Californian businesses develop by establishing the Small Business Assistance Program. The program would provide matching funds to federally designated small business assistance centers, particularly to those committed to assisting businesses operated by veterans, women, and minorities. Research shows small businesses that receive quality business assistance are more likely to succeed, create jobs, and strengthen the economic viability of the neighborhood in which they are located.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

SACRAMENTO – This week, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D - Orange County) engaged the California National Guard and Governor Jerry Brown about the impact of homelessness in Orange County, and was instrumental in securing the approval of an extension of the Orange County Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter Program for at least 90 days past the scheduled April closure. The Fullerton and Santa Ana armories were to be used as shelters up until April 15, 2018.

“Now is not the time to turn our backs on some of the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Quirk-Silva. “While many cities are coming together to find suitable locations for alternative shelters, due to this unprecedented influx of additional homeless, it is crucial that the Armory continues to be available to shelter the homeless in Orange County, at least until we can find a more permanent solution. These shelters must remain open for at least 90 days.”

For 27 years, the Fullerton Armory has been utilized nightly during the cold winter months, from October through April.  During those months, many homeless individuals have utilized the shelter to have a warm place to sleep.  After the removal of more than 700 individuals from the Santa Ana Riverbed, many of these individuals received 30 day motel vouchers, others utilized the Fullerton National Guard Armory directly.  After the vouchers expire, these individuals will be left with nowhere to go for basic shelter and necessary resources.  Additionally, individuals who were evicted from the Santa Ana Civic Center in March are also looking for emergency housing.

“The extension obtained by Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva is a smart, humane step that helps homeless individuals and gives government officials more time to develop long-term solutions,” said Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D – Lakewood). Solving the homeless crisis will take cooperative actions at every level. I thank the Governor and National Guard for granting this extension and Assemblymember Quirk-Silva for making the request.”

Friday, April 6, 2018

Introduction of AB2521 calls for an End to Predatory Lenders Taking Advantage of Veterans Like those in the National Guard

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva (D – Orange County) introduces Assembly Bill 2521 (AB 2521) which would seek to stop predatory banking practices that plague reservists. Certain terminology in Military and Veteran Code, section 800 (MVC § 800) has been used as a weapon against reservists who are requesting a deferment of applicable loans and obligations when they prepare for deployment.

“There are bad actors taking advantage of reservists and the programs they use with their well-deserved benefits,” said Quirk-Silva. “Some lenders target reservists that seek payment deferral before being deployed. This often leads to higher loan amounts, and to our reservists and their families in a worse financial position than they had before deployment. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.”

While deployed, reservists like those in the National Guard, are subject to deferred payment deals from predatory lenders that seek to take advantage of reservists through differing interpretation of contractual language. For those serving in the National Guard, these practices are of paramount concern as thousands are frequently called for deployment to address the large amount of emergencies across the state in a given year.

“This simple, yet effective, amendment would seek to protect our heroes from predatory banking practices when reservists are activated,” said Quirk-Silva.

Reservists are not afforded legal assistance in preparing their personal financial documents and may not know if they are using the specific verbiage, in order to obtain the protections afforded.  Recently, servicemembers have experienced denial of the protections provided under MVC §800 by their financial institution under the premise that the reservists did not include the exact verbiage of “under penalty of perjury” in their letter to the financial institution.  As the servicemembers must provide official documentation of their orders to active military service to their obligor, it is redundant to require the current exacting verbiage, and to use this language as a loop-hole to deny a reservist’s protections under state law. 

This bill is sponsored by the National Guard Association of California (NGAC). “The NGAC thanks Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva for carrying this important legislation which will benefit the men and women who serve our country and our state in times of need”, said John Haramalis, President of the NGAC.

The bill will first be heard in the Assembly Committee on Veteran Affairs on April 24.

Friday, March 23, 2018

SACRAMENTO – In response to the planned United States and North Korea summit at the end of May 2018, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Orange County) issued the following remarks in support of continued diplomatic action. This would be the first time a sitting U.S. President will have met the leader of North Korea since the Korean War. Earlier this month, U.S. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that "in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain."

“In a time of sensitive relationships between these foreign powers, the United States should remain sympathetic to the concerns of South Korean families, and their relatives,” said Quirk-Silva. “I commend any diplomatic discussions between the powers of the United States, North Korea, and South Korea.”

Orange County is home to the second largest Korean population in the United States of America. Our Korean community exemplifies the American Dream, and the proud and rich history of a people in search of opportunity, and the freedoms America presents to those who want to make a better life for their families and children. Furthermore, the many veterans in the Orange County Korean community uphold the highest ideals of the United States through their dedicated service and considerable sacrifice.

 “For the upcoming summit in May, our talks should focus on freedom, peace, and well-being for the people of the United States and the Republic of Korea,” said Quirk-Silva. “I look forward to supporting the administration’s diplomatic initiatives to avoid potential conflict that will adversely impact the Korean community in Orange County, and throughout America.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Orange County), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, joined with Assemblymember Philip Ting (D – San Francisco), Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Asia/California Trade and Investment Promotion (ACTIP) convened an informational hearing to examine trade and investment activities between California and the People's Republic of China.

“Today's hearing is the 6th in a series of informational hearings being held by the Assembly Jobs Committee to examine the state's economy; including issues surrounding California competitiveness, upward mobility, entrepreneurship, and the future of work,” said Quirk-Silva. “At a time when the current federal administration has repeatedly referred to ‘unfair trade deals’ and strained California’s economic partnership with China, we wanted to take a level-headed approach to discussions on how to foster mutually beneficial trade and investment strategies. California must maintain worker competitiveness and bolster opportunities for Californian businesses.”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Annual Ceremony held in recognition of Women’s History Month

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva (D-Orange County) and the California State Assembly honored Jo-Anne Prophete Matsuba as the 65th Assembly District Woman of the Year 2018. Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva recognized the Orange County leader for her community involvement during the annual Assembly Floor ceremony.

“Jo-Anne Prophete Matsuba exemplifies the true spirit of community, by reaching out to everyone in need as a neighbor, and a friend” said Quirk-Silva. “I am proud to recognize Jo-Anne for her overarching influence on, and service for, so many families in California. This award is one simple gesture to show gratitude for all of her efforts, and I am proud to recognize her remarkable accomplishments for Orange County.”

Jo-Anne Prophete Matsuba and her husband Howard began their lives together when Jo-Anne was working as a critical care nurse.  They have lived in Fullerton for the past 25 years and raised their two daughters, Stephanie and Michelle. Last year Jo-Anne completed 3 years as a member of the St. Juliana Consultative School Board, and is a long time member of the St. Juliana Choir.

“My Haitian born parents always taught us to give thanks to God for our blessings, and to give back,” said Matsuba. “My hope is that by helping others, in any small way, I will instill that same charitable spirit in my daughters.”

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Resolution introduced to Honor California’s Colonel Young Oak Kim, United States Army

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva (D – Orange County) introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 188 (ACR 188), which would designate a specified portion of Interstate 5 in Orange County as the Colonel Young Oak Kim, United States Army, Memorial Highway. The measure would also request the California Department of Transportation place signs along the highway showing this special designation. The cost of the signs that memorialize the Korean American Colonel will be covered by donations from non-state sources.

“Colonel Young Oak Kim is a hero, in not only American History, but in World History. He holds a special place in the Korean American community of California from which he was born,” said Quirk-Silva. “This memorial will celebrate his heroic efforts in the U.S. Army’s 100th Infantry Battalion, and his life as a champion of human rights; serving underprivileged, and minority populations. My office will continue to work with the Korean American communities in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and greater California to memorialize the life a great hero. This memorial is just one simple move to remind us of the valor and work of Colonel Young Oak Kim, and all veterans.”