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2021-2022 State Budget Highlights

$2+ Billion in Direct Investments for District & Statewide: 

$6 million — for Carriage Crest Park in the City of Carson for improvements on existing facilities and renovations of the recreational building.

$10 million — for Center Avenue in the City of Compton to help improve storm water management, increase recreational opportunities, and expand green space along Compton Creek.

$10 million — for Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital to support critical treatment services focused on the aftermath of COVID-19, an increase in behavioral health counselors, and overall workforce development.

$15 million — for the Student Success Coach Grant Program to support AmeriCorps partners, like City Year LA, in addressing the social-emotional and academic needs of low-income students. (AB 235 - Student Success Coaches)

$50 million — for Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science for infrastructure development to increase the number of Black, Brown and bilingual health care professionals.

$300 million — commitment by the Governor to dedicate ongoing funding for public health, including Health Equity, beginning in 2022-2023. (AB 1038 - Health Equity Fund)

$350 million — for the Teacher Residency Grant Program to recruit and retain new teachers, and to increase diversity in the workforce. (AB 520: Diversifying the Teacher Workforce)

$1.5 billion — for the new Educator Effectiveness Block Grant Program to support teacher and staff professional development, offering structured feedback and coaching systems around social-emotional learning, promoting teacher social awareness, and to create diverse learning environments. (AB 520 - Diversifying the Teacher Workforce)