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District Internship Program

The 65th Assembly District Office Internship Program offers high school, college students, and senior citizens a unique opportunity to participate in and experience the work of a California Assembly office. The program exposes those interested to district office operations and the grass roots activities of a legislator’s work.

These experiences include working with constituents, conducting community outreach efforts, assisting community-based organizations, organizing civic events and projects, database development and upkeep, staffing the office, and other activities.

Unpaid internships are available to all part-time or full time students as well as senior citizens. For college Students: Depending on their high school or college programs, students may also receive different types of school credits for participating as an intern.

If you are interested in participating in the 65th Assembly District Office Internship Program, please send a cover letter and resume to or call my office at (310) 324-6408.

Thank you for your interest in this very unique opportunity to serve your community. I look forward to your participation.

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