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2019-2020 Legislation


  • AB 934 School Bus Cameras
    • This bill seeks to require school transportation vehicles to be equipped with an internal video system for all school buses and an external video system for those that have a stop-sign arm.
    • In partnership with: Empower Family California, Educate. Advocate
  • AB 1015 Re-Engagement Opportunity Youth Pilot
    • This bill seeks to establish the Opportunity Youth Reengagement Program to provide educational services that include: career technical education programs, assistance with access to college, workforce preparation, and access to community resources and support services.
    • In partnership with: Policy Link, SIA Tech
  • AB 1196 Community Schools
    • This bill would establish the California Community Schools Act, which would require the California Department of Education to make grants available to qualified schools to plan and operate community schools.
    • In partnership with: State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond
  • AB 1354 Court School Liaison
    • This bill would require that the county office of education to develop and implement and individualized transition plan to meet the academic, behavioral, socio-emotional, and career needs of each court school pupil detained for more than 20 consecutive school days.
    • In partnership with: Youth Justice Coalition

Foster Youth

  • AB 175 Modernizing the Foster Youth Bill of Rights
    • This bill would update the Foster Youth Bill of Rights by expanding rights to LGBTQ foster youth, access to records, and access to technology and the internet.
    • In partnership with: California Youth Connection
  • AB 748 Extended Foster Care
    • AB 748 would allow a nonminor, who has been found to be in need of a temporary foster care placement and was in that placement on their 18th birthday, to be eligible to be formally “declared” a foster youth after turning 18.
    • In partnership with: Alliance for Children’s Rights, California Coalition for Youth, Children’s Law Center of California, Tipping Point Community
  • AB 1061 Dual Status Foster Stability
    • This bill would reduce the number of destabilizing placement changes for probation supervised youth in foster care to ensure these youth have a consistent and strong home foundation.
    • In partnership with: California Youth Connection


  • AB 810 Undocumented Organ Donors
    • AB 810 would require the State Department of Public Health to convene a working group to evaluate ways to provide organ transplants to uninsured or undocumented residents of the state who are ineligible for organ transplants due to financial hardship.
    • In partnership with: Donate Life, CHIRLA
  • AB 1037 MLK Hospital Foundation
    • AB 1037 would allow MLK Hospital to create a medical foundation to financially support their medical groups.
    • In partnership with: MLK Hospital, Capitol Advocacy
  • AB 1105 Sickle Cell Disease Care
    • This bill would appropriate $15,000,000 to the Department of Health Care Services over three years for the establishment and oversight of five new clinics that will improve patient care for adults with Sickle Cell Disease.
  • AB 1544 Alternative Destinations
    • This bill would authorize a local Emergency Medical Service agency to develop and seek approval for a Community Paramedicine program to provide certain community paramedic services.
    • In partnership with: California Firefighters


  • AB 832 Affordable Housing Tax Credit
    • AB 832 seeks to incentivize investment in affordable housing development project6s by creating a tax credit for donors who contribute to non-profit developers building homes for low-income families.
    • In partnership with: Habitat for Humanity

Public Safety

  • AB 180 Prison /Probation Job Training
    • This bill seeks create greater job opportunity for people coming out of prison by provide relevant job training for today’s economy.
    • In partnership with 20 Million Minds
  • AB 787 Voter Education for Jail Inmates
    • This bill seeks to provide incarcerated people in county jails information on voter registration and voting rights by allowing organizations to conduct in-person voter registration.
    • In partnership with: NAACP, ACLU, A New Way of Life
  • AB 803 Peer to Peer Support for Correctional Office4rs
    • This bill would establish within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) a Labor- Management Committee tasked with crafting and updating a standardized statewide policy for the department’s Peer Support Program.
    • In partnership with: California Correctional Peace Officers Association
  • AB 879 Ghost Guns
    • AB 879 seeks require a state background check for individuals seeking to purchase firearm frames and receivers by requiring the Department of Justice to electronically approve the purchase or transfer of firearm parts through a vendor.
  • AB 901 Probation without a Court Hearing
    • AB 901 would ensure that youth receive appropriate interventions and are not criminalized for academic reasons or typical child/adolescent behavior.
    • In partnership with: Youth Justice Coalition
  • AB 1321 Chemical Spray
    • This bill would require juvenile detention facilities to post twice a year each time a chemical spay was used in the facility.
    • In partnership with: Youth Law Center, Anti-Recidivism Coalition
  • AB 1422 Hate Crime: homeless
    • This bill seeks to define and add “homeless status” to the list of actual or perceived characteristics qualifying as a hate crime.
    • In partnership with: LA Councilmember Rodriguez


  • AB 1614 Electronic License Plates
    • This bill seeks to extend the sunset provision of a pilot program which authorizes the testing of electronic vehicle license plates.
    • In partnership with: Reviver Auto


  • AB 955 Disadvantaged Community Drinking Water System Needs Assessment (Southeast LA County)
    • This bill would require the Water Replenishment District to assess water systems serving disadvantaged communities in Southeast LA County to help troubled water systems develop a plan to acquire the resources it needs to come into compliance with safe drinking water laws and regulations.