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2022-2023 Legislation

AB 1608 - The Angelo Quinto Act of 2022: Independent Coroner Offices

  • This bill seeks to remove county coroner offices from sheriff departments across all counties in California.

AB 1621 - Limiting Ghost Guns: Increasing Gun Safety in Our Communities

  • This bill seeks to increase public safety by further restricting "ghost guns" and the parts and kits used to build them, while protecting the rights of legal gun owners in CA.

AB 1662 - Creating Pathways to Licensed Jobs

  • This bill seeks to provide "pre-application determination" for prospective applicants to know whether their criminal record is disqualifying before investing in the training and education required for a license.

AB 1794 - Strengthening Family Connections

  • This bill would strengthen family connections for adoptees when appropriate by promoting ongoing contact between siblings and allowing parental rights to be reinstated for children and non-minor dependents in foster care after an adoption has failed.

AB 1834 - Gambling Control Act

  • This bill would simply require the Commission and the Department to provide that already public records, which are open to public inspection, be available during normal business hours.

AB 1864 - Tax Credit for Small Business Local Hire

  • This bill seeks to incentivize small businesses to hire locally and help our communities that have been heaviest hit by the pandemic with more near-region employment opportunities, assist local governments in retaining critical revenue, and provide a solution to address issues related to high commuting.

AB 1924 - Reducing Barriers to Employment

  • This bill seeks to reduce barriers to employment for those who were on probation by streamlining the process to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

AB 1969 - Peer to Peer Mental Health

  • This bill seeks to implement peer-to-peer mental health services in K-12 schools.

AB 1997 - California State University Crisis Response Teams

  • This bill seeks to create a stakeholder workgroup within the CSU to develop alternatives to campus policing. This workgroup will include faculty, staff, students, campus health and safety personnel, and bargaining unit representatives, and will produce a report to be submitted to the Legislature outlining its recommendations.

AB 2038 - Administrative to Teacher Ratio

  • This bill seeks to provide a solution for the Los Angeles Unified School District to accurately count its teachers and administrators. Specifically, this bill will redefine the term "teacher" and "administrator" to ensure the Los Angeles Unified School District does not have to lay off staff.

AB 2074 - Increasing Ownership of Electric Transportation Devices

  • This bill seeks to increase opportunities for ownership of electric, micro-mobility transportation devices, by creating a rebate program for those who purchase electric micromobility devices beyond just the e-bike category.

AB 2117 - Mobile Stroke Units

  • This bill seeks to encourage the expansion of Mobile Stroke Units (MSUs) across the state and provide faster, targeted care for individuals experiencing strokes and stroke-like symptoms.

AB 2169 - Protections for Non-Citizen Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • This bill seeks to help undo the harm that non-citizen (undocumented) victims of exploitation experience when they are criminalized as a result of their abuse, ensuring that they are able to eliminate immigration consequences of a conviction or arrest vacated under these conditions.

AB 2230 - Reducing Barriers to Family Homeless Assistance

  • This bill seeks to reduce barriers to temporary homeless assistance that homeless CalWORKs families currently face in California.

AB 2271 - Los Angeles Metro Small Business Incentives

  • This bill seeks to permit the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority to offer contracting incentives to small local businesses. Specifically, these entities would be eligible to receive a 5% bid price reduction or 'preference' when bidding on contracts.

AB 2338 - Next of Kin

  • The bill would add "next of kin" to existing law which solidifies the role of family members in making medical decisions for their loved ones, minimizing the possibility that decisions will be made by outside agencies solely for financial gain.

AB 2359 - Compton College Personnel Commission

  • This bill seeks to allow for a pathway to rectify the powers and duties of the Compton College Personnel Commission. Specifically, this bill would instate the commission in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees of the Compton Community College District, then allow for an eventual reinstatement of the commission's powers necessary to manage its personnel functions.

AB 2426 - Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital

  • This bill seeks to expand supplemental funding that will allow Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital to cover hospital-based outpatient services provided in the emergency department.

AB 2537 - Driver's Training on Traffic Stops

  • This bill seeks to require the CA Department of Justice and the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training to develop and create a video demonstrating proper conduct between an individual driver and an officer during a traffic stop, and to post the video on their internet websites. This bill also requires the video to be included in Driver's Training and allows the DMV to post the video on their website.

AB 2641 - California Emerging Technology Fund

  • This bill would expand the promotion of digital inclusion by prioritizing the funding from the California Teleconnect Fund for non-profit community-based organizations.

AB 2702 - Closing the Digital Divide in California Communities

  • This bill seeks to ensure that residents in publicly supported housing are provided broadband connectivity. This bill would prioritize grants and loans from the Broadband Public Housing Account to benefit publicly supported housing developments.

AB 2794 - De-Escalation Training for K-12 Schools

  • This bill would require training materials and professional development in methods to improve school safety and school climate, including, but not limited to, de-escalation training and techniques.