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2021-2022 Legislation

AB 490 – Angelo's Law

  • This bill seeks to ban law enforcement from using restraints that cause positional asphyxia, which encompasses the “knee to neck” restraint, a technique that led to the death of George Floyd and Angelo Quinto.

AB 958 - Ban Law Enforcement Gangs

  • This bill seeks to make all law enforcement agencies develop policies against law enforcement gangs. It also states that, should officers be in a department gang, they are subject to termination and cannot seek employment as an officer in any department in California ever again.

AB 1165 – Ban Tear Gas in Juvenile Facilities

  • This bill would prohibit the state-sanctioned use of tear gas against youth under the age of 18 in juvenile facilities.

AB 520 – Diversify Teacher Workforce

  • This bill would support the retention and recruitment of Black Male teachers, and other teachers of color.

AB 235 – Student Success Coaches

  • The bill would create a competitive grant program to assist high-need schools with student success coaches.

AB 549 – Extending Foster Care

  • This bill would ensure that youth nearing their 18th birthday do not lose access to critical support services due to court closures and hearing delays. These are older youth who are especially at-risk of experiencing homelessness during the pandemic.

AB 1038 – Health Equity Fund

  • This bill seeks to create the California Health Equity Program/Fund to support partnerships among local health departments, community clinics, community-based organizations who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

AB 1254 – Mobile Stroke Units

  • This bill would require that health plans allow mobile stroke units to bill for the same stroke services rendered at a hospital.

AB 342 – Eliminating Cost-Sharing for Colonoscopies

  • This bill seeks to remove cost barriers for colonoscopies to help catch cases of colorectal cancer earlier. Specifically, it would require health service plans to cover colorectal cancer screenings and related tests without cost-sharing.

AB 1425 – Broadband Public Housing Account

  • This bill seeks to ensure that all low-income residents in public housing have access to and can use high-speed internet sufficient to support distance learning, telehealth, and much more.

AB 1199 – Homes 4 Families

  • This bill seeks to create opportunities for first-time home buyers and working families to own homes and build generational wealth. Specifically, it corrects the excessive practice of large corporations buying up foreclosed or under market value homes in order to make profits from increasingly inflated rents.

AB 889 – Grocery Store Closures

  • This bill seeks to require that grocery stores in California provide advanced notice before closing down. It would also ensure employees are informed of workforce development opportunities and available benefits they may be eligible for.

AB 745 – Clean Cars for All

  • This bill would raise the maximum amount awarded to lowest income consumers purchasing a zero-emission vehicle.

AB 651 – Justice for Woodlawn

  • This bill seeks to hold cemetery caretakers responsible for neglect should they surrender their license. It also raises the rates paid into the Endowment Care Fund and holds counties responsible as a last resort.

AB 986 – Diversity Film Tax Credit

  • This bill seeks to create a tax credit specific to the independent film industry to promote diversity.

AB 296 – Pawnbrokers: Transfer or Vested Property

  • This bill seeks to ensure that pledgers of collateral toward a pawnshop loan continue to avoid being double taxed when seeking to reacquire their seized collateral following a default.