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2023-2024 Legislation

AB 20- Strengthening Family Connections would enable children and young adults adopted through the child welfare system to maintain critical connections to their biological siblings.

AB 21- Dementia Training for Peace Officers would require Peace Officer's be trained on how to interact with persons with Alzheimer's or dementia appropriately.

AB 22- Building Equity with Mobile Homes aims to increase equity in California's trailer parks.

AB 360- The Banning of Excited Delirium aims to ban the term "excited delirium" as a legitimate diagnosis or cause of death for those who have lost their lives while in police custody.

AB 373- Intersession Foster Youth Program seeks to ensure that foster and homeless youth have priority access to summer and winter sessions to promote access to credit recovery and increase graduation rates among these populations.

AB 466- Improving Vehicle Code would strike out a provision within the vehicle code that allows courts to charge someone with a misdemeanor and potentially sentence them to jail or hefty fines if they fail to complete traffic school.

AB 543- Marine Sales Tax Extension intends to extend the Marine Fuel Sales Tax Exemption to prevent the loss of jobs, loss of business and port revenues, and loss of state and local taxes and fees.

AB 632- Increased Access to Prostate Screening seeks to prohibit cost sharing for prostate cancer screenings for enrollees who are either 55 or at least 40 years of age and considered high-risk by their healthcare provider.

AB 694- Supporting our Future Teachers aims to streamline the process for qualified individuals interested in participating in a teacher residency program to ensure they are paid and prepared.

AB 767- Community Paramedicine aims to extend the sunset date for AB 1544 (Gipson, 2019), which authorizes local emergency medical services agencies to develop and seek approval for programs that provide numerous paramedic or triage paramedic services.

AB 844- Insurance Accelerator Program supports the rapid deployment of new, clean trucking technologies by directing the California Department of Insurance to collect data on this emerging marketplace to identify potential barriers to expanding insurance options and provide both the insurance regulator and air quality regulator with critical and timely information to inform policy alternatives.

AB 906- Advancing the Future of Juvenile Youth would establish a base funding level for juvenile court and community schools to support the unique staffing and programming necessary to serve students.

AB 997- Exoneree Mental Health Services seeks to provide long-term mental health services for exonerated individuals. Additionally, the bill would require the California Victim's Compensation Board to reimburse an exonerated person or provide direct payment to their mental health services provider.

AB 1089- Gun Manufacturing seeks to ban the sale, purchase, possession, and receiving of ghost gun technology by limiting the use of 3D printers and computerized numerical control milling machines only to those who are state-licensed firearm manufacturers.

AB 1189- Career Tech Training intends to advance youth education by making career technical education programs available in all middle and high schools to ensure that every child gains a secure career path.

AB 1271- Going the Distance for our Cardroom Workers seeks to streamline the licensing process for employees working at gambling establishments by requiring a single license to work at multiple gambling enterprises and extend the period which the license is valid.

AB 1328- Barbering and Cosmetology would form a new multi-state licensing program, providing increased value and mobility to licensed Cosmetologists in the member states, while ensuring safe, effective, and reliable services to the public.

AB 1498- CAL EITC Bill proposes the establishment of a minimum California Earned Income Tax Credit of $300, to benefit approximately 2.6 million workers without dependents and 500,000 workers with dependents.

AB 1528- Exempt PHAs from Property Tax seeks to ensure that property owned by Public Housing Authorities is exempt from property tax, thus supporting affordable housing and bringing uniformity to property tax administration.

AB 1551- Tennessee Law would mandate that a defendant be responsible for child support if they kill the parent of a minor while driving under the influence or committing a hit-and-run.

AB 1606- Simplifying the DMV Experience seeks to authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to create alternative renewal options for driver license applicants 70 years of age or older in order to reduce hurdles in the renewal process for seniors.

AB 1642- Green Playground would require the California Department of Education and Natural Resources Agency, along with other state entities, to develop recommendations for a master plan for green schoolyards and report them to legislative committees by December 1, 2024.

AB 1670- Medical Referral Services would make minimally substantive changes to existing law that prohibits a person or business from referring or recommending a person for any form of medical care or treatment for profit.

AB 1695- Nursing Pilot Program aims to develop a streamlined educational program that would give students in grades 9-12 the ability to enter the Nursing Pilot Pathway Program, which will jumpstart their nursing career.

AB 1713- State and Federal Funds would require state and local agencies to report how state and federal funds were and will be spent within one year of expiration.

AB 1733- Food & Agriculture License would make minimally substantive changes to existing law regarding Food and Agricultural licensing and registering of bonds.

AB 1751- Know the Dangers of Opioids would ensure that patients seeking pain treatment are made aware of non-pharmacological therapies and are provided an opportunity to request a referral for those treatments before proceeding with a prescription for opioids.