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2015-2016 Legislation

AB 25 (Cal Grant Appeal Process) Seeks to establish an appeal process through the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) for institutions that fail to meet the eligibility requirements if they have a first-time full-time cohort of less than 20 students and would be otherwise qualified. (Chapter 613, Statutes of 2015)

AB 295 (Public Employee Bargaining Units for Emergency Medical Transportation Services) Seeks to require that if a public entity takes over a private provider of emergency medical transportation services, that a new bargaining unit be established consisting of the employees and that any prior employee organization be recognized as the exclusive representative. (Held in Committee)

AB 364 (Jockey Pension Fund) Automatically enrolls California horse racing jockeys into a pension fund once they become licensed as a California jockey. (Chapter 159, Statutes of 2016)

AB 383 (Hepatitis C Testing for High Risk Patients) Seeks to require that primary care clinics offer a Hepatitis C test for all patients that fall within a high risk or "baby boomer" category. The provisions of this bill are set to sunset on January 1, 2022. (Held in Committee)

AB 444 (Epidural Tray Conversion Standards) Seeks to extend the deadline on provisions requiring standards for epidural equipment to be made in alignment with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). (Chapter 198, Statutes of 2015)

AB 484 (Wilmington Community Development) Seeks to implement legislation that will improve the wellbeing of the Los Angeles Port and local Wilmington community. (Held in Committee)

AB 511 (Worker's Comp Presumption) Seeks to give local law enforcement agencies and labor unions the authority to expand worker’s compensation presumptions to specified classes of officers at their discretion. A worker's compensation presumption allows employees to receive compensation for certain injuries and illnesses with the assumption that the illness or injury took place as part of ones work responsibility. (Held in Committee)

AB 567 (Marijuana Tax Amnesty) Seeks to establish a taxation amnesty program through the California Board of Equalization for revenues made relating to medical cannabis retail sales. The amnesty period is to only consider taxes payable prior to January 1, 2015. (Awaiting Action by Governor)

AB 709 (Charter School Transparency and Accountability) Seeks to require charter schools to make their financial records open to the public, allow public records requests, and provide public notice of board meetings. This bill also requires board members to comply with the same conflict of interest laws as other public officials. (Awaiting Action by Governor)

AB 821 (Electronic Funds Transfer Tax Payments) Seeks to provide medical cannabis dispensaries with an exemption from being required to pay taxes over $10,000 through an electronic funds transfer. Given the federal designation of cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, medical cannabis dispensaries do not have access to bank accounts and thus are limited in being able to transfer funds electronically. (Awaiting Action by Governor)

AB 835 (Hit and Run Statute of Limitations) Seeks to extend the statute of limitations for prosecution of vehicular manslaughter.(Chapter 338, Statutes of 2015)

AB 920 (Inmate Welfare Fund) Seeks to allow the Inmate Welfare Fund to be used for assisting inmates with transitioning into society up to 30 days post release from a detention facility. (Chapter 178, Statutes of 2016)

AB 986 (Return of Local Governing Authority for Compton Community College) Seeks to require the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to provide a report to the Legislature in response to the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team annual review of Compton College. (Held in Committee)

AB 1067 (Foster Youth Bill of Rights) Seeks to convene a working group for the purpose of developing an update to the Foster Youth Bill of Rights. The group would also review and recommend updates to the manner in which foster children are apprised of their rights. (Awaiting Action by the Governor)

AB 1228 (Homeless Youth Housing) Seek to request the University of California and require the California State University campuses to provide priority housing for current and former homeless or foster youth, and that housing be provided at no additional expense during academic breaks. (Chapter 571, Statutes of 2015)

AB 1235 (Allowances for Medi-Cal Patients in Nursing Facilities) Seeks to increase the Home Upkeep Allowance to cover the full cost to maintain a qualified nursing facility resident’s home. (Held in Committee)

AB 1673 (Lower Receivers) Seeks to amend the definition of a firearm to include a lower receiver that is not fully complete but can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished receiver. (Vetoed)

AB 1691 (Vehicle Replacement) Seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program, with a focus on operations relating to low-income communities. (Held in Committee)

AB 1763 (Elimination of Co-Payments for Colonoscopies) Seeks to eliminate co-payments on colonoscopies for patients between 50 and 75 years old to improve access to screening for colorectal cancer. (Vetoed)

AB 1840 (Homeless Youth Civil Service) Seeks to provide priority for homeless or formerly incarcerated youth who are applying for a position as a student assistant or intern through the state civil service. (Chapter 404, Statutes of 2016)

AB 1849 (Medi-Cal for Emancipating Foster Youth) Seeks to require social workers to verify that a child aging out of foster care is enrolled in Medi-Cal. (Chapter 609, Statutes of 2016)

AB 2055 (California Competes Tax Credit) Seeks to provide a tax credit to businesses that purchase zero or low emission equipment, machinery, or other products. (Held in Committee)

AB 2179 (Hepatitis C Testing) Seeks to expand access to training for Hepatitis C counselor so that health organizations may increase access to testing for hepatitis C. (Vetoed)

AB 2388 (Affordable Housing) Seeks to establish a working group headed by the Department of Housing and Community Development to provide recommendations on how to improve access to affordable housing and improve housing affordability (Held in Committee)

AB 2365 (Pawn Shop Loans) Seeks to allow pawn shops to resale collateral, seized as a result of a loan default, to the original owner of the property without charging a sales tax. (Vetoed)

AB 2640 (HIV Post-Test Counseling) Seeks to require post-test counseling regarding PrEP and PEP, which are drugs that can prevent one from acquiring HIV. (Chapter 670, Statutes of 2016)

AB 2704 (Mervyn Dymally) Seeks to place a bust in front of the California Lieutenant Governor's Office in recognition of Mervyn Dymally, the first African American to serve in the position. (Awaiting Action by Governor)

AB 2808 (Horse Racing Exchange Wagering) Seeks to extend the sunset dates and inoperative sections relating to horse racing exchange wagering. Chapter 335, Statutes of 2016.

AB X2 13 (AIDS Medi-Cal Waiver Program) Seeks to increase reimbursement rates for the AIDS Waiver Program to be on par with other waiver programs under the Home and Community Based Services Program. (Held in Committee)

ACR 72 (American Stroke Month) Seeks to recognize May 2015 to be American Stroke Month in California. (Chapter 118, Statutes of 2015)

ACR 92 (The Watts Revolt) Seeks to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Watts Revolt. (Chapter 188, Statutes of 2015)

ACR 149 (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program) Seeks to recognize the VITA program in conjunction with the Earned Income Tax Credit for its role in ensuring families receive the benefits of their full return. (Chapter 131, Statutes of 2016)

ACR 154 (National Nutrition Month) Seeks to recognize grocery stores in addition to their partnership with CalFresh to provide fresh and nutritious foods. (Chapter 173, Statutes of 2016)

ACR 178 (Compton Fallen Officers Highway Memorial) Seeks to recognize Kevin Burrell, James MacDonald, and Dess Phipps as fallen officers who served for the Compton Police Department. (Chapter 161, Statutes of 2016)