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Asm. Gipson Hosts Press Conference to Unveil New Bill on Gun Manufacturing

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 16, 2023) --- Today, Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson), Chair of the California Assembly Democratic Caucus, hosted a press conference to unveil his new legislation, AB-1089, that seeks to close loopholes on gun manufacturing. This bill is follow-up from AB-1621 (Gipson, 2022) which bans “ghost guns” and was heavily supported by Governor Gavin Newsom as an urgency measure.

Assemblymember Gipson gathered with Speaker Designee Robert Rivas, Assemblymember Papan, Senator Rubio, and representatives from Giffords, Brady and Mom’s Demand Action in support of his new bill.

“I was joined this morning by a number of my colleagues to stand in unity and solidarity against gun violence and introduce my new bill AB-1089, which regulates 3D gun manufacturing in California,” said Assemblymember Mike. A Gipson (D-Carson). “There have already been approximately 67 mass shootings this year to date, which is more mass shootings than days in 2023. This should worry every community across the state. It is a clear indication that we need solutions now, to ensure that our communities can rest easy and not have to continue burying their loved ones.”

“You might remember the story of David Mora, who used a ghost gun to kill his 3 daughters, their chaperone and then himself, while on a supervised visit at a church here in Sacramento,” said Assemblymember Gipson. “This happened last March, since April of 2021, Mora was under a restraining order that prohibited him from possessing a firearm, and authorities do not know how or when he obtained it. As lawmakers, we have the opportunity to influence positive change in the communities we represent. Let us use this power now, our strength is in our numbers.”

“It is alarming to see how we have normalized mass shootings in this country. As a former classroom teacher, I am heartbroken every time I hear of another shooting at a school,” said Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park).  “Our families, mothers, and most importantly, our children need us to pass laws that protect them. In California we are doing what we can, but the federal government must also make our vulnerable children a priority.  Their inaction sends a clear message to our children, that they have to protect themselves because the adults leading this country are too afraid to protect them.”

AB-1089 seeks to regulate three dimensional printing and CNC milling of firearms on the state level and would require anybody who uses a three dimensional printer or CNC milling machine to manufacture a firearm to be a state-licensed manufacturer. This bill would prohibit the sale, purchase, possession, or receipt of a three dimensional printer or CNC milling machine that has the primary or intended function of manufacturing firearms to or by any person in the state other than a state-licensed firearm manufacturer. The bill would additionally provide that a civil action may be brought against a person who distributes any code or digital instructions for the manufacture of a firearm using a three-dimensional printer or CNC milling machine. The bill would specify that a person is strictly liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by any firearm manufactured using the distributed code.