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Gipson Calls for Proclamation of Emergency in Carson to Protect Families

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO – October 17, 2021) – After directly informing his constituents in Carson and making contact with the City of Carson, the County of Los Angeles and California's Office of Emergency Services, Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson) called on Governor Newsom to proclaim a state of emergency in the City of Carson and released the following public statement:

"Noxious hydrogen sulfide gas coming from the Dominguez Channel over the last two weeks has been threatening the lives of my constituents in the City of Carson and in surrounding areas. With thousands already sick, many of my constituents have called the city of Carson, County of Los Angeles and my office seeking immediate relief. With limited resources, both the city and county have taken action, but more is needed because the problem still exists. While I continue to coordinate with city and state officials, I am asking the Governor to proclaim a state of emergency to make all possible funds and resources available to provide a steadfast solution."

CONTACT: Brenda Contreras,, 323-316-5900