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Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson Appointed Chair of the Select Committee on Police Reform

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO (Sept. 21, 2020) — Today, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D- Lakewood) announced the formation of the Select Committee on Police Reform and appointed committee members. The committee will continue California’s leadership in police reform and seek measures to ensure public safety.

California has again led the nation by passing some of the strictest police use-of-force standards while also mandating de-escalation and use-of-force training. The legislature also recently sent bills to the Governor’s desk to ban deadly carotid choke holds, reorganize sheriff oversight commissions and increase transparency and impartiality in officer-involved shooting investigations.

The Select Committee on Police Reform will be chaired by Assemblymember Mike Gipson and include Assemblymembers Rebecca Bauer Kahan, Rob Bonta, Jordan Cunningham, Jesse Gabriel, Lorena Gonzalez, Tom Lackey, Evan Low, Chad Mayes, Eloise Reyes, Blanca Rubio, and Shirley Weber.

Asm. Gipson is the author of AB1196 which bans the use of the carotid artery/chokehold by law enforcement in California. The bill is currently on the Governor’s desk.

"I am honored by the Speaker's appointment and the solemn responsibility to address police reform. I urge the Governor to sign AB 1196 and all the police reform bills, but no matter what the outcome the Assembly Select Committee will do more,” said Chair Gipson. “We have a critical job ahead of us and I invite all interested parties to participate in the Select Committee. Every voice will be heard.”

The Select Committee on Police Reform will convene later this year to continue the development of meaningful changes to policing in California.