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Bill to Ban Carotid Artery/Chokehold Restraints Headed to Governor’s Desk

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, Calif ---- In response to the pivotal death of George Floyd and hundreds of other suspects subjected to the carotid artery/chokehold law enforcement technique, the California Assembly voted overwhelmingly (54-0) to approve AB 1196 by Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson). The bill makes it illegal for law enforcement to use the dangerous restraint to forcibly detain a suspect.

“The world witnessed as the 200 lb. weight of a police officer was leveraged on the neck of George Floyd for over 8 minutes. Two other officers held him down and another watched as his body succumbed to the attack and went limp before expiring,” said Assemblymember Gipson. “This public execution was far beyond the existing law authorizing a peace officer to use reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to overcome resistance.

I represent the residents of the 64th Assembly District and all Californians. They have made it clear that now is the time to rise up and recognize that changes must be made so that law enforcement can do what they were sworn to do – protect and serve. I stand with them as they demand substantive change.

Gipson further stated, “The California legislature agreed and spoke loud and clear with their votes. AB 1196 will not bring back George Floyd, Eric Garner, Fermin Vincent Valenzuela or any of the other victims who have died from these restraints but it will prevent more deaths moving forward. It’s a step towards healing and repairing trust between the community and law enforcement.”

AB1196 is co-authored by members of the CA Black Caucus, Latino Caucus, API, Jewish and LGBTQ Caucus. The landmark legislation is now headed to the Governor for his signature.