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$11.3 Million Approved for Compton College on the Heels of New Accreditation

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, Calif --- During a late and final session of the 2017 Legislative Budget Conference Committee Thursday night, Compton Community College was approved to receive $11.3 million in one-time funding along with enrollment stabilization money to support the college’s transition into an independently accredited institution. The funding proposal, brought forward through Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson), will allow the college to acquire the necessary technology, staff and other administrative capabilities that are critical to effectively running a self-standing college.

“Since I was initially elected to office, I have made it a top priority to do everything in my power to support the Compton college community in gaining governing authority, as well as independent accreditation” said Asm. Gipson.  “Whether it was holding an oversight hearing on Compton College or spearheading a bill that began the conversation of returning local control back to the college, I am incredibly proud of the progress that has been made. Everyone from the college president and board of trustees to the faculty and staff has shown that they are ready and capable of assuming all the duties of an independent college district. This $11.3 million represents the Legislature’s commitment to recognizing their efforts and supporting their long-term success.”

This funding approval came just hours after it was announced that Compton Community College had officially been granted accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). Typically, the ACCJC process would require accreditation candidacy to immediately follow accreditation eligibility. However, the Commission expedited the process by a few years after being so impressed with the progress; they determined that moving directly to initial accreditation was in order. Granting initial accreditation indicates that the ACCJC has determined that the institution is in substantial compliance with its eligibility requirements, accreditation standards, and ACCJC policies.

“Assemblymember Gipson kept his promise to return the governing authority back to the college for which we are extremely grateful.  We also applaud his efforts to securing $11.3 million so that we can further enrich this gem” said lifelong community resident Bruce Boyden.  “As a former student of Compton College, I am glad to see that we are putting education before politics and doing what is best for the students and people of Compton.”

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