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Gipson Demands UC President Resign

For immediate release:

CARSON, Calif --- Today, Assemblymember and Democratic Caucus Chair Mike A. Gipson directly called on University of California (UC) President Janet Napolitano to step down and resign from her post as UC President.

“Our UC system has a moral, social and ethical responsibility to our students and governing system.  In the last year, UC President Janet Napolitano has demonstrated on two occasions she is unable and unfit to uphold these basic qualities.  Whether it’s the UC system lowering its admission standards to enroll out-of-state students in the effort of crowding out in-state students, an audit I called for as chair, or finding out last week that a staggering $175 million effectively was hidden from the public eye and their governing board.  We cannot afford to have somebody at the top of our UC system keep making these reckless and amateur mistakes. This is why I am demanding UC President Janet Napolitano immediately step down and resign from her position. Our students deserve better.”


resignation of UC President.pdf