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Gipson Frustrated at UC System’s Misuse of School Funding, Despite Tuition Increase

For immediate release:

(CARSON) – Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair Mike A. Gipson (D – Carson) released the following statement after a recent audit showed the University of California (UC) excessively charged campuses to fund operations, significant employment compensation, and hiding $175 million in reserves:

“I am deeply disturbed by the recent audit that revealed the UC system has recklessly spent and overcharged campuses a significant amount of money, all while sitting on $175 million in reserves. It makes no sense to increase tuition, and yet, existing funds have been severely mismanaged. How does this make any sense? As former Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, I called for an audit in February 2015 to examine the UC and its per-student funding, and the increase in nonresident student enrollment. It is my belief that those results as well as yesterday’s findings are cut from the same cloth.  Clearly, there are issues we must address as a legislature, and I look forward to having that conversation moving forward.”