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52 Billion Dollar Transportation Deal Finally Passes the Legislature

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Today at 9:00 AM, following a historic vote on a proposal to provide 6 billion dollars towards transportation infrastructure and debt reduction, Senate Bill 1 (Beall), Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson), who has been a staunch advocate for the proposal, made the following statement:

“This transportation proposal marks a critical step forward in addressing statewide issues with transportation infrastructure. This proposal provides new funding to improve road safety, fill potholes, and repair local streets and bridges. About 60% of major roads in the Los Angeles area are in poor condition, costing drivers an extra $892 annually due to increased vehicle maintenance. These are families that are could be doing other things with their funds like buying groceries and paying bills. This proposal provides a solution that is responsible and realistic, without borrowing, and without cuts to schools and public safety. And not only that, but this measure ensures that underrepresented communities are directly able to benefit from the economic opportunities created, requiring a focus on diversity for transportation contracts and program outreach. This plan will generate tens of thousands of good paying construction jobs and we are proud to be able to deliver this solution to our constituents across California.”

Senate Bill 1 required a two-thirds vote and passed the State Senate with a vote of 27 – 11 and the State Assembly with a vote of 54 – 26. The proposal allocates over $2 million per year for the Cities of Carson and Compton, nearly $11 million per year for the City of Long Beach, and over $90 million per year for the City of Los Angeles.