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Governor Signs Bill Prioritizing Homeless Youth for Housing in Higher Education

For immediate release:

Measure prioritizes homeless youth for housing on California College Campuses

(Sacramento) – Assembly Bill 1228 authored by Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson) to improve long-term outcomes for homeless youth was signed into law this week by Governor Jerry Brown.  The new law requires the California State University system to provide priority for homeless youth in receiving on campus housing.

“Studies show that housing instability is a critical fact that leaves students more likely to drop out an not finish college,” stated Gipson.  “With AB 1228, we have the opportunity to provide students with stability and improve their long-term outcomes for success.”

Speaking on behalf of the sponsor of the bill, Housing California, Policy Director John Bauters stated, “Homelessness has many faces. Sadly, that face has increasingly been the face of young people. For these children and youth, education and employment are often the only path to a future of self-sufficiency. AB 1228 recognizes that on-campus housing is more than an amenity for homeless students. It is the opportunity to fulfill the promise of higher education with the stability that housing brings. We are proud to have sponsored this legislation and been part of the voice for homeless children and youth across California.”

Homeless youth face a myriad of challenges impeding their educational success. A very low percentage of homeless youth enroll in higher education, and the few that do historically have much lower graduation rates than their classmates. For those that do access higher education, challenges follow them to university campuses. In addition to lacking parental and financial support, many live in vehicles or shelters. Ensuring that their basic housing needs are met will help them focus on their education, improving graduation rates and self-sufficiency.

Principal co-author of the bill, Speaker Toni Atkins stated, “No young person who is ready to attend college should have their dreams derailed because they cannot afford a roof over their head.  AB 1228 will help ensure that a young person who has struggled with homelessness will have priority for housing and will be able to think instead about their bright future. 

For more information, please visit Assemblymember Gipson’s website:

Mike Gipson represents the 64th Assembly District. The district includes the cities of Carson, Compton, Gardena, Harbor Gateway, Lynwood, North Long Beach, Rancho Dominguez, South Los Angeles, Torrance, Watts/Willowbrook and Wilmington.