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Asm. Gipson Chair of CSG West Hosts Annual Meeting in LA

Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson) hosted the Annual CSG West Meeting, the largest gathering of Western legislators, convening over 500 participants. The size and scope of this event created an intimate and unique environment for attendees to build connections with Western legislative colleagues to collaborate on complex issues that affect the West, such as: 

  • Water & agriculture – Improving the management of water resources and fostering policies that advance the sustainability of the agriculture sector.  
  • Energy – Discovering money-saving alternatives and innovations.  
  • Economic development – Avoiding pitfalls and capitalizing on opportunities.  
  • Infrastructure – Working smarter and engaging with key stakeholders to address state and regional infrastructure needs to meet population growth and economic development.   
  • Public safety – Enhancing reforms for safer communities.  
  • Health  – Building more effective healthcare solutions.