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Let's Talk About It

Let's talk about it

On Wednesday, March 12, I will be holding a virtual conversation called "Let's Talk About It."

The purpose of this event is to elevate the voices of our youth on a variety of topics that are important to them. Whether it's police brutality, racism, or disparities in health access and care, our youth are hurting. As you well know, listening is essential in the process of healing. Our task for the evening is to make sure our young people are heard and resourced appropriately.

We will be having youth speak on what is keeping them up at night. The topics will vary but it's important that we listen to each of their experience and begin the process of healing. Also during the conversation, we will have California Assembly leaders from the following Caucuses: Women's Caucus, Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus, Legislative Black Caucus, Jewish Caucus, Latino Caucus, and LGBTQ Caucus. Additionally, we will have a social worker on the call to provide resources to all youth participating.

The Zoom event will be held on Wednesday, August 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. We will provide the Zoom link when you register.

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For other questions, please don't hesitate to contact my office at (310) 324-6408 or email us at

Thank you and we look forward to talking to you!

Let's talk about it