Governor signs Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva's Key Legislation into Law

SACRAMENTO, CA - During the second year of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Fullerton) remained focused on passing key legislation to support California's most vulnerable community members.  As the 2021 Legislative session came to a close, a number of her significant legislative priorities includin

Fullerton Arboretum Reopening

Congratulations to the Fullerton Arboretum for your reopening!

This is truly a local treasure and one that I was proud to secure $1 million dollars to help us maintain to preserve this site.

As an alum of California State University, Fullerton, I am always proud to celebrate the Titans and all that they offer to our wonderful community.

I want to thank President Virjee for his tremendous leadership and hard work. I also would like to thank my colleagues who helped in securing this funding with me through the California State Budget.

The Fullerton Arboretum is truly a magnificent location that offers students and families a lovely location to learn and relax

New Housing Bills Allowing for Denser Neighborhoods Sharply Divide OC’s State Legislators

A pair of housing bills just approved by the state Legislature are prompting warnings that single-family zoning will be destroyed in local neighborhoods, while others say such concerns are wildly overblown and that the bills are a modest step to make housing more affordable.

It remains to be seen who’s right, if Gov. Gavin Newsom signs the bills into law. Newsom is currently facing a recall election.

Seniors protected after Gov. Newsom signs mobile home rent stabilization bill

In 2019, residents living at Rancho La Paz Mobile Home Park, a retirement community, were told they'd have 90 days to prepare for a rent increase. Until Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva stepped in.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — California Assembly Bill No. 978 took two years of Lupe Ramirez’s life, but it was a risk she was willing take to keep her home.

“I couldn’t give up because I just felt like some place, somebody has to be hearing that this just isn’t right,” said Ramirez.