Wildfire Preparation and Resources



Our community is experiencing its largest wildfire in nearly a decade, known as Canyon Fire 2. The images of Disneyland overcome by fiery orange, smoke-filled skies are almost apocalyptic. Meanwhile, thousands of Orange County residents have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Nearly six thousand wildfires have scorched our state in just this year alone. In California, it is critical to prepare your family and home for these rampant disasters and to know what state resources are available to ease the aftermath of wildfires.

Know that my office is a resource to help you during this devastating time. If you live in an area affected by Canyon Fire 2, officials with the City of Anaheim are providing the most up-to-date information on evacuations, road closures and shelter locations on their website and Twitter page.


Ready, Set, Go: Before a wild fire strikes, be prepared and follow these tips from Cal Fire…

Statewide Fire Resources