Quirk-Silva’s Effort to Shed Light on Political Contributions Becomes Law

Saturday, October 7, 2017
SACRAMENTO – Today, the California Disclose Act, coauthored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D - Orange County) was signed into law, by Governor Jerry Brown. The California Disclose Act, otherwise known as Assembly Bill 249 (AB 249), will regulate how campaign committees and independent expenditures must disclose who is paying for their political advertisements.

“The public deserves confidence in their elected officials, and they want to trust that their interests are represented,” said Quirk-Silva. “By bringing the sources of this dark money into the light, we force groups to put their true identity next to their words, which will help move our politics toward a more open legislature; with transparency and accountability.”

The California Disclose Act will ensure that more campaign reports of big donors aren’t limited to a list of innocuous sounding political action committees. The result would be the names of corporations or labor groups clearly spelled out, the kind of information that more easily helps voters decipher whose money is behind the message.

AB 249's overwhelming passage through the legislature also represents an uncommon bipartisan victory for campaign finance reform legislation that hopefully bodes well for the future, with every Democrat in both the Senate and Assembly joined by several Republicans.

More information about the bill can be found here.