Quirk-Silva Budget Efforts for Orange County Pay Off

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sacramento, CA – California State Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Orange County) has successfully secured several victories for the people of North Orange County in this year’s State Budget bill.  

Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva has staunchly advocated her priorities such as public safety, veteran affairs, health and human services, education, business incentives, and more.

The following funding items were secured by Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva:

  • As Chair of the Jobs Committee, Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva advocated for a broad range small business, manufacturing, and workforce incentives. These incentives included an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, Small Business Development Centers, and Veteran Resource Centers.
  • Secured funding for an Orange County Veteran Cemetery.
  • Received funds to purchase land for the creation of an open space preservation in West Coyote Hills.
  • Funded a pilot program to help enforce state and local regulations to protect property values, and provide recovery patients with better care.
  • Gained funding for public safety efforts by providing first responders improved communications between departments.
  • Protected children and families by closing a registration loophole found in “Megan’s Law.” This will help families know when a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhood.
  • Provided help to the homeless and low-income Veterans when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card, to have improved access to benefits.
  • Provided additional transparency and accountability on mental health services provided to our veteran population.
  • Protected workers and families by ensuring that family childcare providers receive timely payment for services provided, and information that should help them provide services in the future.
  • Helped students improve their academic performance and make information about postsecondary education and financial aid more widely available.

“I have worked to make government open and accountable to the people, and by working to gain the trust of all Californians,” said Quirk-Silva.

“Throughout this year I have fought to do what is best for working families in Orange County, the small businesses that employ them, and for the improved public safety of all,” said Quirk-Silva. “I will continue to work for all those that deserve their voices to be heard in our community; whether it is the working family, the veteran that protected our great country, the student that’s struggling to get an education, or the average tax-paying Orange County resident that deserves their hard-earned money to work for them.”