Sample Letter of Support to Governor Newsom for AB 978

For immediate release:
Assembly Bill 978 Mobile Home Rent Stabilization
Support legislation for Mobile Home Parks Rent Stabilization sending a request for signature letter to the Governor. If you support the following bill which have been sent to Governor Newsom, I respectfully request that you send in a letter of support. Sample language for your letter of support is included below. After you have written your letter send it to our office or you can submit at the following website. Only letters pertaining to legislation should be sent to this email. Please send in your letters as soon as possible as the Governor who is deciding on whether to approve or veto legislation at his desk.
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Below is sample language to ask Governor Newsom to sign letters for my bill which is being voted on to go to his desk.


July XX, 2021

Governor Gavin Newsom

1303 10th St., Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA   95814

SUBJECT: AB 978  (Quirk-Silva) Mobilehome Parks: Rent Caps- Request for Signature

Dear Governor Newsom:

I respectfully request you sign Assembly Bill 978 which limits mobile home parks located in, and governed by, more than one incorporated city from increasing the space rent that mobile home owners must pay by more than three percent (3%) plus inflation, up to a maximum cap of five percent (5%), annually. This bill builds upon the important policy discussions that took place in 2019, related to rent stabilization by extending just cause eviction and anti-rent gouging to tenants in mobile home parks.

Just as rents have dramatically increased state-wide, mobile home residents are also facing drastic rent increases from the park owners. The residents of the Rancho La Paz mobile home park which is split between the cities of Fullerton and Anaheim, have received back to back rent increases since a new owner took over the park in 2019.

If rent continues at this pace, many will not be able to afford to stay in their home.  Additionally, because mobile homes are not as “mobile” as the name, tragically, many will lose their home. Given our state’s housing shortage and as many Californians are still recovering from the pandemic-induced economic crisis, now more than ever it is essential we keep all families in their homes.  

I urge you to sign this bill into law, as it will have a significant effect for those living in the Rancho La Paz Mobile Homes and those struggling to find affordable housing in California.







Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s mailing address;

PO Box 4026, Fullerton, California 92831