Assemblymember Quirk-Silva Supports Immediate Relief Budget Package

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Assemblymember Quirk-Silva Supports Immediate Relief Budget Package

Sacramento, CA - Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Fullerton) joined her colleagues to pass a $9.6 billion immediate relief and stimulus budget package for California families and businesses suffering significant hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Early Action Budget Package

•           Golden State Stimulus - provides direct relief to Individuals and Families that have disproportionately been struggling with the economic burden of the COVID-19 recession.

•           Licensure Fee Waivers - provides two-year relief for most impacted through waiving licensing fees for restaurants and bars as well as barbering and cosmetology individuals and businesses.

•           Critical Child Care Resources - adds additional federal funds to provide stipends for state-subsidized child care and preschool providers in subsidized care statewide and extending child care services for essential workers and at-risk children who are not currently served in the system.

•           Additional Aid for Individuals and Families - provides financial assistance and services through Housing for the Harvest, Food Banks and Diapers.

•           Community College Student Support - provides additional funds for emergency financial aid for low-income students as well as services to support and re-engage students due to COVID-19.

•           Food Insecurity and Higher Education - provides outreach and assistance to students enrolled in the University of California, California State University, and California Community College for the expanded CalFresh program.

"It has been a difficult year for our State; not only related to health and safety, but through housing issues, struggling to put food on the table, and job loss," said Assemblymember Quirk-Silva. "This immediate relief budget package is a reflection of the circumstances and concerns that need to be addressed sooner than the State's traditional time line, in order to allow Californians most impacted, a pathway to recovery."

Learn more about the Budget relief package at the following website