Pledge to be counted!

On April 1, 2020 the Census begins. When each person in every household is counted, California will get its fair share of federal funding for schools, health care, unemployment insurance, housing, transportation, and more. 

Completing the Census matters because it highly influences how much federal funding California programs receive for the below programs and more:

Local Schools
Special Education Programs
Children’s Health Insurance
Food Pantries and Emergency Food Assistance
Crime Victim Support
Senior and Disabled Housing
Child Abuse and Neglect Programs
Support for Homelessness
Preventative Health Services
Head Start and Childcare
Small Business Development Centers
Water Pollution Programs
Wildlife Grants
Arts Programs
Historic Preservation
Farmers Markets
Wildfire Recovery

Digital Sticker

Make sure "You Count" by filling out your 2020 Census. 

Fill out this pledge to commit to counting everyone in your household.