Legislative Updates

The following are my legislative highlights from my terms as your State Assemblywoman, that I authored, and were signed into law by the governor, in a range of issue areas; such as public safety, veteran affairs, health and human services, education, environment, business incentives, and more.

AB 362 the Shelter Operators Accountability: At the Governor's Desk 

AB 345 Accessory Dwelling Units: Separate Conveyance: At the Governor's Desk.

AB 498 Teachers: Computer Science Access Initiative: Adopted into State Budget. 

AB 865 Childcare Reimbursement: At the Governor's Desk.

AB 978 Mobilehome Rent Stabilization: Signed into Law by Governor Newsom! 

AB 638 Mental health and substance use disorders: At the Governor's Desk 

AB 611 Safe at Home Program: HOAs: Signed into Law by Governor Newsom!

AB 790 PACE- Elder Justice: at the Governor's Desk 

AB 1090 the Masterplan on Homeownership: Currently sits in Assembly Housing and Community Development 
AB 1017 Right to Restrooms Act: Currently sits in Senate Appropriations 
AB 68 Department of Housing and Community Development: California Statewide Housing Plan: annual reports: At the Governor's Desk

All ACRs have been chaptered

ACR 1 Taekwondo Recognizes the history and health benefits of Taekwondo 
ACR 2 Korean American Day Declares Jan 13, 2021 as Korean American Day

ACR 67 Tommy Lasorda Memorial Highway Resolution Recognizes the wonderful contributions made by Tommy Lasorda 


AB 133: Property Tax Postponement Program: AB 133 is aimed at expanding the eligibility for and utilization of the Property Tax Postponement Program in keeping with analysis of participation by the Legislative Analyst’s Office.

AB 136:  College Admissions Reform: AB 136 prohibits those California taxpayers who are named in the federal indictment and found guilty, from benefiting from illegal income tax charitable contribution or business expense deductions.

AB 139:  Emergency and Transitional Housing Act of 2019AB 139 updates California’s Housing Element implementing targeted strategies to long-term permanent housing for California’s homeless population.

AB 143:  Shelter Crisis: AB 143 expands emergency housing to include homeless shelters and permanent supportive housing when specified cities and counties declare a shelter crisis for 2 years.

AB 368: Southern California Veteran’s Cemetery: AB 368 changes the specific Orange County location authorized in statute for a prospective Southern California Veterans Cemetery to either the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro or the Golf Course Site in the Orange County Great Park in the City of Irvine. This bill also requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) to complete acquisition studies on both sites and consult with the Department of General Services (DGS) to determine which site to pursue.

AB 947:  Visually Impaired Students: AB 947 ensures that every student who is blind, has low vision, or is visually impaired receive instruction suitable to their specific needs.


Assembly Bill 237 helps consumers access loans they need while maintaining critical consumer protections.

AB 363 Quirk-Silva would waive the $5 processing fee assessed homeless and low-income veterans when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card with the word “VETERAN” printed on the face.

AB 422 Quirk-Silva repeals provisions relating to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree pilot program, and instead authorizes the California State University (CSU) to permanently establish DNP degree programs

AB 448 Quirk-Silva establishes the Orange County Housing Finance Trust to combat Homelessness.

AB 490 Quirk-Silva will increase Cal Grant B Access Award amounts for California’s lowest-income students by extending the College Access Tax Credit five more years.

AB 584 Quirk-Silva would help students improve their academic performance and make information about postsecondary education and financial aid more widely available.

AB 603 Quirk-Silva would require Alternative Payment Programs to offer an electronic time sheet process and direct deposit of provider payments to providers.

AB 690 Quirk-Silva requires HOAs to deliver, within the annual budget report, an itemized estimate of the fees that may be charged by a professional management company for documents necessary to facilitate a real estate transaction.

AB 974 Quirk-Silva will require all counties to submit an annual report to the legislature on Mental Health Services Act spending on clinical services provided to veterans.

AB 1459 Quirk-Silva clarifies that all unlawful killings in which the victim was a peace officer killed in the course of his or her duties, and are willful, deliberate, and premeditated.

AB 1547 Quirk-Silva expands the types of businesses that qualify for CalCAP loans under the ADA program, providing the participating lenders a stronger loan portfolio and enabling more small businesses to participate in this program and expand their accessibility to Californians.

AB 1561 Quirk-Silva expands and updates the mandatory elements of the state's international trade and investment strategy.

AB 2095 Quirk-Silva helps limit further costs resulting from multiple special elections called to meet the current time frames.

AB 2235 Quirk-Silva would require that if a student is sent to an out of district community school, the community school would receive the ADA for the student, not the referring district.   

AB 2271 Quirk-Silva would require a state match in federal school kitchen modernization grant funding, and raise amount of grant from $100,000 to $200,000 per site for up to 10 sites.

AB 2315 Quirk-Silva will allow school districts to enter into partnerships with health plans to provide telehealth services to k-12 students 

AB 2420 Quirk-Silva would authorize an Employment Training Panel to include soft-skills development for a more sustainable workforce.

AB 2521 Quirk-Silva would protect reservists from fraudulent, predatory lender obligations when that reservist has been deployed to active duty.

AB 2644 Quirk-Silva Dolores Huerta Day.

AB 2654 Quirk-Silva would authorize the County of Orange and the Orange County Flood Control District to use design-build for public works infrastructure projects.

AB 2687 Quirk-Silva updates the Office of the Small Business Advocate to better meet the needs of small businesses, including issues of regulatory reform, disaster preparedness and response, and small business procurement.

AB 2967 Quirk-Silva provides birth certificates to youth in foster care, free of cost. 

AB 3089 Quirk-Silva authorizes the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), commencing with the 2018-19 award year, to provide Chafee grant awards to students as long as they are not 26 years of age or older by July 1 of the award year

ACR 107 Quirk-Silva 4th of July Resolution

ACR 128 Quirk-Silva Korean Arirang Day Commemoration 2017

ACR 188 Quirk-Silva renames a section of I-5 through Buena Park the Colonel Kim Memorial Highway

ACR 203 Quirk-Silva promotes the need for organ donation in California.

ACR 269 Quirk-Silva Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Day.

ACR 281 Quirk-Silva Korean Arirang Day Commemoration 2018.

AJR 4 Quirk-Silva Home Ownership.

AJR 20 Quirk-Silva Climate change.


AB 221 Quirk-Silva encourages the use of returned plastic concrete by authorizing compliance with CBC and GBSC.

AB 409 Quirk-Silva creates transparency of economic interest that public officials and other filers may have to ensure decision making is not made to enhance their own personal finances.

AB 466 Quirk-Silva requires the state Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to continue allocating federal funds to regions pursuant to a weighted formula that accounts for population and pollution levels.

AB 530 Quirk-Silva allows a local elections official to offer a voter the ability to apply for a Vote by Mail ballot by telephone.

AB 674 Quirk-Silva provides that every city, county, and city and county is encouraged access to small-business/microenterprise development in order to create new jobs and income opportunities for individuals of low and moderate income,

AB 701 Quirk-Silva places Orange County in the funding formula for the Vehicle License Fee adjustment amount in a manner comparable to California's other 57 counties and provides certainty and growth to Orange County's local property tax revenues and fiscal stability in future years.

AB 1045 Quirk-Silva protects public health within 24 hours of a recall notice for compounded drugs, and requires the automatic suspension or revocation of a California pharmacy license if an out-of-state pharmacy's home state license is suspended or revoked.

AB 1453 Quirk-Silva orders the State of California to design, develop, construct, and equip a state-owned and state-operated Southern California Veterans Cemetery (Cemetery) to be located at a specified site in the City of Irvine.

AB 1560 Quirk-Silva allows the Director of Finance to increase the amount of tax credits that the California Competes Tax Credit Committee can allocate.

AB 1733 Quirk-Silva requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue, without a fee, an identification card to any individual who can verify his or her status as homeless.

AB 2454 Quirk-Silva assists foster youth in their transition to adulthood, by providing them with the opportunity to create a case plan tailored to their individual needs, which charts the course towards independence, through incremental levels of responsibility.

AB 2664 Quirk-Silva extends the time for disbursement of relief funds to National Guard families in crisis arising out of active duty service.

AB 2668 Quirk-Silva foster care: permits non-minor dependents, who are also parents, to enter into a parenting support plan.

ACR 53 Quirk-Silva designates May to June as Sober Graduation Month and joins the Department of California Highway Patrol in supporting efforts to save lives of young people.

ACR 72 Quirk-Silva proclaims October 5, 2013, as California Firefighters Memorial Day.