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The West Coyote Hills Open Space Project is about securing land for the benefit of our Orange County community. Securing the Open Space will benefit all local residents, and will be widely regarded as a source of pride for the Fullerton community. The citizens of North Orange County deserve their fair share of parks. My legislation, Assembly Bill 510 (AB 510) could help save the largest remaining open space in a highly urbanized area of Orange County to be enjoyed by over 1 million people as a natural preserve.

West Coyote Hills provides recreation from dense urban living.  More than a million people live within a 7 mile radius of West Coyote Hills and Orange County is the second densest county in California, even denser than Los Angeles County.  Keep in mind that North Orange County is even more urbanized than South Orange County.  As a result, there is a great imbalance of parks and open space between north and south Orange County. Comparing parks per capita between North and South counties: North Orange County has 1 acre per 246 people and South Orange County has 1 acre per 6 people.

West Coyote Hills is a critical habitat, and home to  rare, endangered and sensitive species including our state bird, the California quail. In addition, West Coyote Hills is an excellent recreational area!  The Nora Kuttner Trail along the south side of West Coyote Hills is part of the famous Fullerton Loop that is used for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and bird watching. The peaks of its rolling hills offer spectacular views from the ocean to the mountains.

It is vital that West Coyote Hills be saved as a park, and educational resource for residents and children.  Its unique ecology and community hiostory provide the perfect setting for an outdoor classroom. Children and college students will have a nearby place for field trips and field studies to learn about our natural world.  There will be miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding with access from all adjacent cities. Finally, left undeveloped, the natural habitat of West Coyote Hills can recover and be restored to ensure the survival of its ecosystem.

With this in mind, I was able to secure $15 million in the California State Budget. My Assembly Bill 510 will ensure that those funds be used to protect and wisely use the remaining acres of the 510-acre West Coyote Hills project site.

Please join me in this effort and sign the petition below to protect Coyote Hills for generations to come!

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