Free Summer Meal Program

During summer vacation several children in our communities will lose their access to a free school meal. Often, we forget that millions of students depend on these school meals to properly nourish their bodies. In an effort to combat hunger, the California Department of Education has taken steps to address this concern among children in our disadvantaged communities. The Summer Meal Program ensures that children in our communities as well as their parents have the resources necessary to benefit from the free meal program offered to families.

The program is free of cost. To participate in the Summer Meal Program children must be under 18 years old. Some participating location may offer meals to adults that bring children to the meal service sites.

For more information on how your child can participate this year, please visit the California Department of Education website for the list of 2017 Summer Meal Service Sites.

Let’s help ensure all children are properly nourished year around!

For more information please call my District Office at 714-521-6505.