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AB249 Disclose Act


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I agree with you, and tens of thousands of Californians, that it is wrong to allow political ads to intentionally mislead voters about who paid for them. That's why I joined with you in advocating for the new California Disclose Act (Assembly Bill 249) on the floor of the State Assembly. This bill will require all non-candidate campaign committees to prominently display the identity of their top three funders on their campaign advertisements.

Special interest groups currently hide their true identity with names that seek to mislead voters, but Assembly Bill 249 (AB 249) mandates that the true funders of our campaigns are obvious to voters.

This measure ensures that Californians are made aware as to the true funders of the campaign messages, and brings the special interest groups out of the darkness, and into the light.

The California Disclose Act ensures that voters know who is asking for their votes that determine the future of 38 million Californians. Some said this type of reform could never come out of the legislature, but the time is now. This bill would give California the strongest campaign finance disclosure law in America.

I am proud to stand with you for this measure. Now you and I have one more important action to take – Call on the Governor to sign the bill!