2017 Legislative Update

Here are just some of the legislative highlights she has authored in a range of issue areas; like public safety, veteran affairs, health and human services, education, environment, business incentives, and more.

Assembly Bill 363 would waive the $5 processing fee assessed homeless and low-income veterans when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card with the word “VETERAN” printed on the face.

AB 490 Quirk-Silva will increase Cal Grant B Access Award amounts for California’s lowest-income students by extending the College Access Tax Credit five more years.

AB 510 Quirk-Silva will help save the largest remaining open space in the highly urbanized region of Orange and Los Angeles Counties to be enjoyed by over 1 million people as a natural preserve.

AB 558 Quirk-Silva will close a loophole found in “Megan’s Law” that will help families know when a registered sex offender moves into their community.

AB 572 Quirk-Silva would create a voluntary pilot program in Orange County to fund and house a Department of Health Care Services authorized Complaint Analyst to investigate complaints against Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) recovery programs.

AB 584 Quirk-Silva would help students improve their academic performance and make information about postsecondary education and financial aid more widely available.

AB 603 Quirk-Silva would require Alternative Payment Programs to offer an electronic time sheet process and direct deposit of provider payments to providers.

AB 708 Quirk-Silva would extend CAL/OSHA reporting requirements for local police and fire agencies and would provide first responders the opportunity to submit accurate information to CAL OSHA.

AB 974 Quirk-Silva will require all counties to submit an annual report to the legislature on Mental Health Services Act spending on clinical services provided to veterans.

AB 162 Quirk-Silva would make more small businesses eligible for the California Competes tax cut.