2017 - 2018 Legislative Update

Here are just some of the legislative highlights from this legislative term that I authored in a range of issue areas; like public safety, veteran affairs, health and human services, education, environment, business incentives, and more.

Assembly Bill 363 would waive the $5 processing fee assessed homeless and low-income veterans when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card with the word “VETERAN” printed on the face.

AB 490 Quirk-Silva will increase Cal Grant B Access Award amounts for California’s lowest-income students by extending the College Access Tax Credit five more years.

AB 510 Quirk-Silva will help save the largest remaining open space in the highly urbanized region of Orange and Los Angeles Counties to be enjoyed by over 1 million people as a natural preserve.

AB 558 Quirk-Silva will close a loophole found in “Megan’s Law” that will help families know when a registered sex offender moves into their community.

AB 572 Quirk-Silva would create a voluntary pilot program in Orange County to fund and house a Department of Health Care Services authorized Complaint Analyst to investigate complaints against Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) recovery programs.

AB 584 Quirk-Silva would help students improve their academic performance and make information about postsecondary education and financial aid more widely available.

AB 603 Quirk-Silva would require Alternative Payment Programs to offer an electronic time sheet process and direct deposit of provider payments to providers.

AB 708 Quirk-Silva would extend CAL/OSHA reporting requirements for local police and fire agencies and would provide first responders the opportunity to submit accurate information to CAL OSHA.

AB 974 Quirk-Silva will require all counties to submit an annual report to the legislature on Mental Health Services Act spending on clinical services provided to veterans.

AB 162 Quirk-Silva would make more small businesses eligible for the California Competes tax cut.

AB 1715 Quirk-Silva would require the Director of GO-Biz to establish a process for public and private entities to partner with the state to operate international trade and investment offices.

AB 1743 Quirk-Silva extends program funding for existing and new career technical education programs in high schools.

AB 1765 Quirk-Silva would waive fee requirements in case of areas that have been classified as a "natural disaster.”

AB 2235 Quirk-Silva would require that if a student is sent to an out of district community school, the community school would receive the ADA for the student, not the referring district.   

AB 2271 Quirk-Silva would require a state match in federal school kitchen modernization grant funding, and raise amount of grant from $100,000 to $200,000 per site for up to 10 sites.

AB 2315 Quirk-Silva will allow school districts to enter into partnerships with health plans to provide telehealth services to k-12 students 

AB 2420 Quirk-Silva would authorize an Employment Training Panel to include soft-skills development for a more sustainable workforce.

AB 2463 Quirk-Silva is the Small Business Technical Assistance Act, which includes $20 million in the California budget for small business technical assistance.

AB 2521 Quirk-Silva would protect reservists from fraudulent, predatory lender obligations when that reservist has been deployed to active duty.

AB 2654 Quirk-Silva would authorize the County of Orange and the Orange County Flood Control District to use design-build for public works infrastructure projects.

AB 2687 Quirk-Silva updates the Office of the Small Business Advocate to better meet the needs of small businesses, including issues of regulatory reform, disaster preparedness and response, and small business procurement.

AB 2967 Quirk-Silva provides birth certificates to youth in foster care, free of cost.          

AB 3057 Quirk-Silva will allow mutual water companies to be eligible for certain state grants and loans by aligning state law with federal law.

ACA 27 Quirk-Silva would change UC Regent appointments to 4 years on board; Remove UC President voting right; Prohibit state funding unless appropriated in the State Budget; Require administrator salaries to be approved by the legislature.

ACR 203 Quirk-Silva promotes the need for organ donation in California.

ACR 188 Quirk-Silva renames a section of I-5 through Buena Park the Colonel Kim Memorial Highway